Breathing Lessons (Draft)

Got Stress?

Yep. We’re living through tough times.

I have some helpful tools for dealing with stress. I’m a yoga therapist and I work mainly with cancer patients so I think a lot about how to help people deal with stress.


In this next video I’ll share my first go-tool for dealing with stress.

Move your body.

If you’re not already going for walks or getting some form of exercise, here’s a way of thinking about how to get some movement into your body.

Quiet your mind.

Now would be a good time to learn how to quiet your mind, manage fear and cultivate some peace.

Present Moment Awareness

Learn how to anchor your attention in the present moment.

I hope this serves you well. Stay steady, stay present. Keep moving and breathing.

May you be safe.
May you be content.
May you be healthy.
May you live with ease.