What People are Saying

Michelle came to my house every Friday for 11 weeks.  (I work from home on Fridays.) Michelle is a joy.  Not only is she compassionate, fun, and extremely professional, Michelle is a very knowledgeable and talented yoga therapist and instructor. I learned so much that now I’m able to attend yoga classes at my workplace gym twice a week.  When I started working with Michelle, I had limited mobility and was afraid to put weight on my right arm. Now when I do yoga, I think about yoga and its many benefits.  I don’t think about breast cancer.
Kathy M.

I have been doing yoga classes with Michelle, for three years. I have arthritis in the knees it has improved with the yoga exercises. Michelle, is patient, caring and the quality of her work is outstanding. I recommend Michelle’s Wellness Yoga.
Brenda L.

Michelle Stortz is a well-trained and experienced yoga instructor. She shares this knowledge throughout the class using examples and humor while taking the time to become familiar with each participants concerns and abilities. Michelle then leads the class with attention and consideration to the needs of the people in that particular class. Thanks Michelle for all that I continue to learn and enjoy in your yoga classes.

Hope S. 

Michelle teaches yoga in a group setting with cancer survivors and others in treatment. her teaching skills are tops. She gives clear instructions at all times, and repetitively. She is especially tuned in to the needs of each participant. She/yoga has helped me to breath beneficially and in meditating, to be in better touch with my self. I would recommend Michelle to anyone seeking low impact, relaxed yoga.
Irwin L.

I have been a yoga student with Michelle through Fox Chase Cancer Center for over two years now and I can’t say enough positive things about her. The most impressive thing is how she can adjust the movement to the individual to accommodate a specific need. I have never felt that it’s a “one size fits all” operation. Not only can she explain and demonstrate how to do the move but the rationale behind it. I always feel comfortable in the class and never feel judged by what I can and cannot do. Michelle is always on time and notifies us in a timely manner if there are any changes in the class schedule. She also keeps us informed of other yoga/meditation options that may be taking place in the community. Overall, Michelle has helped me with my flexibility, back pain, anxiety and focus. The only thing that is an opportunity for improvement would be something out of her control. At times there is a room conflict but, again, that is an institution – related issue and not at all related to Michelle’s competence.
Trudi M.

Working with Michelle has been a very uplifting, educational and wonderful, relaxing experience. I don’t think I would have came this far all theses years in my cancer journey without her and her classes. She is very intentative to your individual needs. I have been to many other yoga and meditation classes but nothing stood up to hers. Michelle goes way above and beyond. I was at class, received a call from the hospital regarding a blood clot, Michelle rushed me to the hospital and kept me calm and relaxed with her magical ways, her soft voice, and contagious laugh & smile. She is an angel from heaven!!!
Nancie S.

Extraordinarily well-trained, patient, and knowledgeable yoga instructor. Adapts throughout the class for each student’s comfort level; trained to work with cancer and surgery patients working to recover strength and flexibility. Great techniques for relaxation. We have another yoga studio a block from our home, but go miles out of our way to take class with Michelle. Both a calm and renewed energy lingers for days after each class.

I am a former professional dancer and personal fitness trainer. Currently I work as a researcher on issues related to exercise and cancer. I have had the pleasure of receiving private yoga training from Michelle which exceeded my very high expectations. Her broad and deep knowledge of the body, at rest and in motion, is apparent in her creative, personalized teaching style.
Kathryn Schmitz, PhD, MPH Professor of Epidemiology, University of Pennsylvania