Are you dealing with cancer 

or a chronic illness?

I’m here to help.


I work with people dealing with health issues such as cancer or chronic illness. I teach them simple, do-able yoga practices that help them:

  • feel better
  • deal with pain
  • reduce anxiety
  • move more easily
  • take better care of their bodies
  • sleep better
  • get stronger
  • breath more easily
  • take care of their heart and mind

Let’s work together . . .

Come to one of my yoga-for-cancer classes.
Set up a private session with me in your home.
Come to a Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra event.
Take one of my courses.
Take my video course.
Set up a video consultation (contact me for more info).

What are you struggling with? Let’s talk.

Email me at
Call me at 215-242-1366