Self-Care During Cancer Treatment: a Mini Yoga Course

Are you ready to soothe your achy body,
manage your stress, get better sleep,
and get past this cancer experience already?

If so, this mini online yoga course is for you.

These quick practices will help you refine your self-care skills and find your inner strength so that you can sail through cancer treatment (okay, maybe it’s just a steady chug) and get on with your life!

In this course you’ll learn:

  • A breathing technique for anxiety (4.5 minutes)
  • A gentle chair-based movement sequence (12 minutes)
  • A simple meditation technique (6 minutes)
  • And, best of all, detailed instruction for deep relaxation (3.5 & 9 minutes)
  • Plus a final video of all the practices combined (24 minutes)

Learn about the essential yoga practices that support the healing process.

Designed with a cancer patient in mind, but perfect for anyone dealing with a serious or chronic illness.

To send this as a gift, when you get to the payment form, click the tiny present icon to allow for gifting. Fill out the recipient’s email and a personal message to them, buy it and send it!

Cost: $29

Michelle Stortz, C-IAYT, ERYT500, MFA, is a certified yoga therapist specializing in yoga for cancer and chronic illness. She works in numerous medical settings in the Philadelphia area and enjoys designing custom yoga programs that anyone can do regardless of ability. Her teaching is augmented by her studies in meditation, Buddhism, contemporary dance/somatic practices, Reiki and she is a certified Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra facilitator.