Stronger After Cancer

Are you finished with active treatment and ready to regain your strength, manage stress, get better sleep, and find some peace?

Cancer may have been the scariest chapter of your life, but what if you take that experience and use it for growth . . . to become your best self?

That’s called Post Traumatic Growth. It means finding or creating positive personal changes after traumatic life events.

I’ll help you move into the growth zone.

I found this course “good medicine” for both my body and soul. There were many easy takeaways that can be incorporated into daily life. There is no judgement on how fast you proceed with the process. I highly recommend this course as it gives the cancer survivor hope, positivity and a sense that there are still things that you CAN control. I was sorry to see it end!

Sheryl Humm

We’ll explore ways to take care of your body that really work for you. You’ll leave with tools for managing stress, getting better sleep and dealing with difficult emotions. Together we’ll find concrete ways to cultivate peace and resilience.

Michelle created a warm and welcoming environment in which participants could be comfortable in openly sharing their personal challenges. I enjoyed attending each session, found all of the information to be very valuable, and highly recommend her program.

Vanessa F.


Caring for Your Body
  • Practice the 6 ways to move your spine and learn to love your joints
  • Deepen your intuition through movement
  • Cultivate an awareness of your grounding
Understanding Your Breath
  • Find the quickest way to peace through breathing
  • Learn how breathing changes your inner chemistry
  • Master your energy through breathing techniques
Quieting Your Mind
  • Learn how the brain functions differently when feeling vs. thinking
  • Rewire your brain for health
  • Discover the key to tranquility
Tending Your Heart
  • Uncover the correlation between gratitude and your immune system
  • Learn why connecting to the people around you matters
  • Discover why you should take your laughter more seriously
Getting Better Sleep
  • Understand how sleep affects everything
  • Improve your nightly rest through sleep hygiene
  • Learn to take a brain bath
You’ve been through a lot. Now it’s time to blossom.

This course was so beneficial. Knowing other women experience similar situations has helped me to relax and has reinforced that I am not alone on this journey. The information is invaluable and can be applied to many situations in our lives. Thank you, Michelle!

Barb M.

6 Tuesdays
January 11 to February 15th
7:00-8:30pm EST

ONLINE via Zoom

Note: sessions are not recorded (for privacy reasons). Please plan to attend all 6 classes.

Unite for Her participants may take this course for free using 2 squares on the Wellness Passport. Look for an email from UFH providing the registration code.

Dive into the course. You will not regret it!

Program Participant

Questions? Email Michelle at

Michelle’s SAC class gave me tools to help me breath better (I know that sounds funny but if you’ve experienced anxiety, you know what I mean!) be more in the moment, and fully engage in activities that bring joy to my life. The class also provided me the opportunity to bond with a group of amazing, compassionate and funny, women who weren’t afraid to be vulnerable with each other because of the caring environment that Michelle nurtures in the class. I highly recommend this class to anyone feeling lost, anxious or just not quite like yourself after breast cancer treatment; Michelle is a loving, knowledgeable and kind instructor who gently guides her students to healing.

Program Participant

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash