It’s time to RESET!

Most years you set your goals in January and that’s enough.
But not this year!
In these crazy times you need to check-in more often.

This year we need more time to RECONNECT with ourselves, with our hopes and dreams, and with our goals. We need to REFRESH and REVIVE our intentions, RENEW our commitments, and possibly REVISE our goals in the face of what’s changing.

With so many challenges, disruptions and distractions, it’s easy to be pulled off course. In order to stay connected to your path, you need to RELAX into the true nature of all things – that change is constant – and REORIENT to your guiding star.

These times have been surreal. 

Let’s take time together to REFLECT on what you’ve learned so far in 2021 and REFOCUS your direction for the rest of the year. Let’s RE-ENVISION 2021.

RESTORE your joy and wonder.
RECOVER your mojo.
REBOOT your system.

Let’s RESET!

This workshop includes:

  • gentle movement to tap your body’s wisdom
  • yoga nidra to connect to your intuition
  • meditation to rest in that still place of natural knowing
  • guided visualization to see the path more clearly
  • writing prompts to see what’s in the way
  • community support to create accountability

See it. Write it. Dream it. Move it.

Facilitated by Michelle Stortz, C-IAYT, ERYT, MFA
Sunday, September 19th, 4:00-6:00pm

online via Zoom