Post Traumatic Growth

A cancer diagnosis can be traumatic and scary! It can make you want to run and hide under the covers or put your boxing gloves on. Or both.

Yoga can help.

The word Yoga means union. It means to bring all parts of yourself – your body, mind, emotions, and spirit – into union, into this present moment.

And Yoga is all about self-care –
It’s about tending to the body and helping it move and breathe.
It’s about soothing the anxieties of the mind and finding peace.
It’s about listening to the heart and making space for its wounds and joys.

Some people actually emerge from their cancer experience with positive growth and some actual benefits (gasp!). There’s a term for that  . . .

Post-traumatic Growth.

Yes, it’s a real thing. It means that trauma can actually initiate a positive transformation.

You might emerge with a greater appreciation for life, positive growth in your relationships, a new sense of possibilities, greater personal strength or a sense of spiritual change.

Yoga can help you through your cancer journey – dealing with treatments and side effects, managing the anxiety around doctor appointments and scans, maintaining or regaining strength, improving lung capacity, or learning to move again after surgery.

Few people know that yoga offers some of the best tools for physical, mental, and emotional self-care.

The first thing to do is take a breath.

Then let’s begin. Let’s do some yoga together or find a yoga therapist trained in cancer care near you.