Your Cousins

Every breath you take comes from a tree (sorry if I just planted an earworm in your head). Think about that.It’s easy to forget, isn’t it?  Every breath you take is oxygen that was released from a tree. We have a symbiotic relationship with trees. Our every exhale is an offering to them. It’s like a constant gift exchange!  It’s easy to forget that ourContinue reading “Your Cousins”

Take a Peek Inside Your Mind

I’ve been so excited about neuroscience lately! I’m learning about things like neuroplasticity which is our ability to change our habits no matter how old we are. I’m learning that we all have negative bias which means we’re hard-wired to dwell on our negative experiences instead of the positive ones (it’s a problem-solving mechanism for us humans). And then there’sContinue reading “Take a Peek Inside Your Mind”